Patrick says...

This EP was a long time coming for me.   I’ve been poking around music scenes for years, but with little of the vision or resolve or dumb luck that attend those who make a go of it.  Basketball found me early on, and I was content to be a found/kept man for a long time.

But ‘now or never’ arrived, and we now have an album.  

I’ve always enjoyed singing songs, and good ones if I can help it.  I’ve never much cared whose songs they were.  That outlook has taken me through many enjoyable and embarrassing phases of mimicry, but of course, I’m passed all that now.  I’m my own man and artist through and through.  (Ha, ha!  Blinders!)

God bless Anna for her declaration to become a songwriter.  I’m not so…decisive.  A while back I tweeted, “It’s time for me to grow up and start a band” or something to that effect.  I’m pretty proud of that tweet, of how the confident nonchalance masks the 30-something's anxiety - "Why didn't I start this ten years ago?!  Time is slipping away!"  

Thankfully, Anna presses forward when I would look back.  It also helped to work with Jeremy McDonald, a young veteran of the NYC/northeast music scene and, like Anna, a doer rather a worrier.  He's a bass man by training and relatively new to the producing game, but I'd say we caught him on the upswing.  Check out his production work on Kevin Garrett's 'Mellow Drama' EP and the upcoming Welcome Wagon EP to hear his developing sound.

So, we've made a start and made some music.  No one who hears these songs will confuse them with summer jams.  Though dark, I hope they’re honest - we’ve tried to be in writing them.  And if hope is sometimes found in surprising places, maybe you’ll be surprised.

Speaking of hope, hope you like it.