Anna says...

I've known for 7 years now that I'm a songwriter.  It was partly a realization, but mostly a decision - a declaration.  I couldn't, of course, decide to be a good songwriter - that's not besides the point, but it's not my point to make or job to decide!  To me, the risky and exciting part about being an artist is that you're bound for bull's eyes, near-misses, and strike outs.  It's most crucial that you keep attempting.

In the same way, forming The Lay Awakes was part realization (we should work together!), but then it surely had to become a decision and a declaration.  The band naming process might have been the biggest risk of all.  Once named, it existed. And now, we're both responsible! :)

I am so grateful to be able to work, create, and perform with Patrick, and I am thrilled for the release of our debut EP!  While tracks 1, and 3-5 are about relationships and tend to be more duet-like, track 2 (Hush) is 'Anna's song' and track 6 (To Get What You Want) is 'Patrick's song.'  Ironically enough, when we asked each other our favorite track was, I picked track 6 and Patrick picked track 2.  I think that signifies one of the best parts about being in this together; we love watching and helping the other improve and flourish, and we have each others' backs.

Over the past year, we were able to work with so many amazing musicians and engineers in Brooklyn (and Vancouver), and we're thankful for all of them.  We especially thank Jeremy McDonald  - our producer and dear friend.

We hope you enjoy listening!